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Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Wow! By now, we're 8 Months into 2020 already? Who knew!? How crazy has it been and we've got 4 months to go! Not to worry though, there is strength in numbers and ours just happens to be 8...Waypoint 8 that is. As always, if this is your first visit with us I encourage you to head to Waypoint 1 and begin from there to get caught up with all the principles and insights you'll need to finish strong. Lastly, if you haven't subscribed to my website, be sure to do so.

Leadership is a lifelong journey. We should be skeptical of anyone who claims they have ‘arrived’ at the top or exhausted their desire to continue learning and growing. My intention here is not to try and reinvent the leadership wheel, but to simply share knowledge and insights I have learned along the way from others who have adopted the mindset and understand the impact of embracing a spirit or mindset of lifelong learning. Because that’s how leadership works. It is not a position you achieve or a salary you receive in compensation for past accomplishments. It is what you continue to choose to do today, tomorrow and every day in the future that positively impacts the lives of others.

We are influenced by those we choose to follow and developed by those who intentionally give us their time and wisdom. There is leadership training, leadership mentoring, leadership coaching, leadership schools, leadership games, leadership gurus…but the most important thing I want to impress upon you today is that leadership begins with you!

Self-leadership means to lead yourself well FIRST, by learning your strengths and weaknesses, developing your self-awareness and communication skills. It means learning how to build positive relationships and take care of people in your life, at home and in the workplace. Your leadership is developed by your effort put into working through Waypoints 1 through 7…because if you choose to skip over those key areas of personal growth, the rest of the journey from this point on will begin to feel overwhelming and you become dangerously vulnerable, ill-equipped, and at risk of veering off-track.

This is what makes this GPS for Life that has been guiding us, together, over the past several months so important. It provides you a series of reference points to return to should you find yourself lost, confused and in need of assistance. You can always review previous waypoints to help get you back on the path towards experiencing life as the most effective, successful, and happy YOU!

Waypoint 8 - Leadership

Leadership is not about titles or positions; it is your ability to influence others. Your success as a leader is often determined by your ability to build positive relationships with others, as well as helping them achieve their goals. However, the person you always lead first is you! Self-leadership is the most important type of leadership.

This month I'm going to pull the veil back just a little and share with you some videos from a few of my favorite influencers, leaders and mentors. While they are all different in their approach to leadership, their messages are connected and overlap in many ways. See if you can pick out the common themes and let me know if one message inspires you more, or if you're moved by a particular speaker. For me, they are all equally inspirational, motivational and informational. Take time this month to listen to each of these speakers below, reflect on their message and do some research of your own if you have questions about anything you hear. Feel free to contact me if you'd just like to talk through leadership experiences or areas of growth you may be contemplating. I'd love to hear from you!

Deb Ingino on Leadership:

Simon Sinek on Leadership:

John C. Maxwell on Leadership:

Chris Hogan on Leadership

Brene Brown on Leadership

Cheryl Bachelder on Leadership

TD Jakes on Leadership

How great were these clips of great leaders who just love pouring into others so they, too, can achieve their best! That is my mission for you. Start reflecting on which leadership journey are you currently on? Are you serving yourself? Others? Your organization? No one? Sometimes we have to first ask ourselves the "tough" questions before we are able to open our minds to what others may have for us. Leadership is not a solo sport...it takes a team!

Alas, we've come to a close, so, I'll leave you with this...

"I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people." --Mahatma Gandhi

Cheers to growth!


Keep learning and growing, friends!

See you at Waypoint 9 - Team Building.

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