Welcome to Waypoint 6 - Relationship Building

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

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Hey! Who's Ready for SUMMER!!!???

I know I am! Growing up, summers were always full of adventure, experiences and FUN...but not without those who meant the most to me. Summers were always spent gathering with friends and family and meeting new people, while traveling around and going on vacations. For me, summer was all about the relationships I had in my life. I couldn't imagine spending an entire summer without PEOPLE! So, building relationships has been near and dear to my heart my entire life. That's why it made its way into this journey, it is IMPORTANT!

So I'll just jump right in to Waypoint 6 - Relationship Building

Relationship building begins with learning about others. This allows you to identify common ground, strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to support and positively influence each other. This skill is an important element that directly impacts our ability to lead in our homes, communities and professional organizations.

Now, if you weren't already aware or have not yet fully experienced the joy of people-ing...you should know that all relationships (new and old) can be GREAT at times, and at other times they can be TRAIN-WRECK MESSY! Let's face the facts...people are different and oftentimes when we don't understand or even fear the things we perceive as unfamiliar or "not like us." But, here's the truth...different is okay!

Think about it for a minute; how BORING would life be if we were EXACTLY the same as each other? What if we had the exact same personalities, ate the same food everyday, wore the same clothing, went to the same establishments, worked the same jobs and lived with the same people, in the same house, in the same town, for your ENTIRE LIFE!!! Imagine never meeting a new person again from this day forward. How would that make you feel? You probably wouldn't know, because it wouldn't matter!

Thankfully we all were created as unique individuals to live in and experience a highly diverse world that keeps us growing and thriving, together. But in order to do this successfully, we must learn about each other through RELATIONSHIP BUILDING!

But, first, you have a responsibility to yourself and others. To be successful at building relationships, you must first choose invest in personal growth (Waypoint 1), improve your communication (Waypoint 2) and active listening skills (Waypoint 3), develop empathy (Waypoint 4) and increase your emotional intelligence (Waypoint 5) in order to understand and connect with others to build meaningful relationships...Waypoint 6! (See what I just did there, y'all?)

Man, that’s 6 months of personal growth all wrapped up in a single paragraph! Whew! See, there IS a method to my madness, I promise!

This is the life journey we’re all on. We’re all here on this earth for a reason and we truly need each other to successfully achieve our dreams and goals, even our greatest life purpose. People need people! Let's get better (together) at building, nurturing and modeling meaningful, lasting personal and professional relationships.

Here are a few additional resources to accompany those provided in previous Waypoints, to help get you headed in a positive direction:

The 5 Love Languages

by Dr. Gary Chapman

Relationships 101

by John C. Maxwell

Becoming a Person of Influence - How to Positively Impact the Lives of Others

by John C. Maxwell


Cheers to growth!


Keep learning and growing, friends!

See you at Waypoint 7 - Followership on July 1st.

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