Welcome to Waypoint 12 - Self Care

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

We did it! We made it to the final days of 2020!

Some days I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be happy, relieved or worried! I mean, we all know that just because 2020 will soon become 2021 doesn't meant that all the fun and excitement we've all experienced the past 12 months will just magically disappear, right!? (We do all know this, right?) You see, I want to be empathetic (because we learned about that several Waypoints ago...remember?) but I also want to be realistic about what we've experienced and how we can begin to intentionally equip and empower ourselves to continue battling whatever it is we have been facing. How can we best prepare ourselves? Self Care.

Waypoint 12 - Self Care

This is the most important element of personal growth. It requires you to intentionally take time for yourself to decompress, recover, recharge, reflect and re-affirm your commitments to yourself and others. Self-care will look different from one individual to the next and it is not just for adults; kids can practice self-care, too!

My friend, colleague and professional mentor, Petya Beckett joined me for a discussion on Self Care. She has a powerful story to share that captures the essence and meaning behind what it means to truly identify the need and embrace the importance of taking care of yourself so you can operate at your best for those you love and support.


Petya is a DISC inside sales consultant with PeopleKeys. She has a passion for helping companies, coaches, and individuals find the right behavioral tools to unlock human potential and overcome challenges in any area of business or personal life. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.


As you reflect on all the Waypoints you've navigated through along this journey think about how effective you have been at tackling some of the challenges you experienced or continue to experience. Is there something that needs addressed that perhaps self care might address?

Need a little help to get the wheels turning? Let's connect!

I'll assist you with identifying and working through those hidden barriers preventing you from helping yourself get to a better state of living...of thriving!


Friends, I'm so proud of you for making the journey through all of the Waypoints this year!

Don't let this be your last stop; choose to continue on and deepen your knowledge and understanding of yourself and others so you can continue to be a bright light of knowledge and wisdom in this world.

Lastly, if you haven't previously completed a behavioral assessment and you're ready to jump, click below! I'd love to review your results and help identify areas for growth and future goals for 2021!


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