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Here we go...we're launching a year full of concepts focused on personal growth! It starts with the acknowledgement that there are areas in your life that could use some adjusting. We all have them, but we learn and grow at different paces. Let's zero in on the basic idea that personal growth is for you...because it is! You won't find the term in any formal dictionary (I've checked), so I'll give you my personal definition below...

Personal Growth is a personal choice. It is a conscious decision you make, everyday, to improve your knowledge of yourself, others, and the world around you. No one else can develop or plan your personal growth--only you!

See! It's that simple. You just decide it's important, and it is.

To get you started, below are a few links that I highly recommend you check out. To be successful in personal growth you've got to start investing in YOU.

Self-Awareness Web Links to Get You Started:

PeopleKeys DISC Assessment (I'm a certified trainer/consultant)

Myers & Briggs Personality Assessment

TalentSmart EQ 2.0 (Emotional Intelligence)

Gallup CliftonStrengths Assessment

John C. Maxwell Leadership Assessment (I'm a certified Coach)

RightPath Behavior Assessment

Enneagram Institute

Four Lenses Assessment

True Colors International Assessment

(That's probably enough to get you started!)

You can choose one, or all, but the most important thing you will gain is a greater understanding of your behaviors, values, beliefs, and more. You may have noticed in the e-workbook, I encouraged you to find coach or mentor. I believe this is a essential task when beginning a personal growth journey! I'd be happy to coach you through DISC and John Maxwell assessment results, but it doesn't have to be me, and you don't have to solely take those assessments listed. They're just suggestions. Do what is best suited for you!

Now, here comes the best part...

To close out this, and all future Way Point blogs, you'll find some thoughts from like-minded individuals who have embraced personal growth for themselves.

Kicking it off for 2020 is A.J. Kehl. Read below to learn about his personal growth journey!



Plant the seed:

A Note about personal growth

by A.J. Kehl on December 22, 2019

Growth is a journey, not a destination. You cannot add it to your navigation, nor can you actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. You can do these things with other aspects like goals or dreams (another post altogether), but when it comes to growth, you need to first understand that it is forever--a lifelong quest to simply be the best version of yourself.

My personal growth story didn’t really begin until I was already in the Air Force for 15 years or so. Sure, I went from having no real direction in life to being a part of a higher calling like the armed services, but, looking back, I don’t think I was actually growing. Going through the motions of life is not growing. Waiting to binge watch your favorite TV show isn’t growing. Making mistakes is growing; not learning from them is not. For me, I was making mistakes in my life, not prioritizing what is most important and quite frankly, not living through concrete values and principles. That all changed in 2015.

Losing control is not something people wish for. It would be so nice if we were in control of everything in our lives. Unfortunately, that is not the case and when you fully understand that, you will begin your real personal growth journey. For me, it was when I had a child out of wedlock. This was a devastating blow because at the time, I wasn’t sure how involved in his life I would be due to issues with his mom and me. Not being in a true family and going through the struggle of losing control of a situation humbled me and became the seed to my growth story.

Not long after, my son and mother moved away and within days I began to have a loud ring in my head dominate my life. Yet another unbearable obstacle. After weeks of depression, I decided that I would set new values and principles in my life and every day would be a gift. A gift to which I have no control over. All I can do is be a better version of myself each and every day. I do this both personally and professionally.

Personally, I practice mindfulness and gratitude. I begin this process when I wake up and my feet touch the floor. I simply say, “thank you”. I don’t know who I am saying that to exactly, but it isn’t the point, is it. On the way to work, I say three things I am grateful for that day. These two purpose-driven acknowledgments allow that seed of growth to begin rooting into the foundation I am creating.

Professionally, I ensure I read every single day for 20 minutes and I map out my week to ensure I am focusing on impact only. This is done on Monday’s whereas Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my “make time” where I tackle those hardcore projects and tasks that will make a real difference. Thursdays are days where I attend meetings (if possible) and then Fridays are all about strengthening relationships.

I am happy to share my story with others because I want people to reach for the stars, despite what may be going on in their lives. You can and will get through it and, if I get my way, you will plant your own seed and begin your quest to blossom.

Nellis AFB in Nevada recently did a story about this and expanded on my struggles and how I was able to overcome them. If you are interested in reading that piece, here is the link.

Be sure to check out A.J.'s book by clicking on the cover below!


Friends, whatever you do, do not abandon this concept after today! Put it in your personal growth toolkit and bring it with you as we navigate through future waypoints to come.

Cheers, y'all!

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