"What Would You Rather Be Doing?"

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Picture this:

You're headed out from the office for lunch like usual. You get in your car, drive to your favorite fast food joint, park, exit your vehicle, and take your spot in line as you look onward towards the menu even though you already know exactly what you want to order. It's just the same 'ol routine you've been doing and are used to, so you just allow yourself to continue going through the motions because you expect the same result -- food.

You let out a hefty 'sigh' unintentionally prompting the lady in front of you to turn and respond, saying "yeah, I feel the same way." You think to yourself, "how does she know how I feel?"

You do the standard "smile and head nod," back in her direction, but try to avoid eye contact because you can just feel her energy starting to surround you and know without a doubt she has more she wants to say.

You make a subtle glance ahead at the line extending far in front of you noting it's still pretty long. The lunchtime rush has the team behind the counter working hard to uphold the "fast" nature of the food you so desperately desire to devour.

Suddenly, the lady in front of you turns again just as you predicted and says, "I'd rather go through the drive through than stand in this line any longer," and faster than you can blink she bolts towards the nearest exit.

At first you're kind of relieved because you totally thought you were about to get drawn into the kind of forced "small talk" you absolutely despise...especially when you're hangry. Then, as you step forward, now standing in the same spot as the lady who just bounced, you think to yourself, "she better not make it through that drive thru line before I get to order."

Because you're used to doing what you've always done, you continue to stand in line, crawling at what seems like snail pace towards the front. More time passes.

You let out another deep sigh and as you shift your gaze out the dining area window, on the edge of your peripheral view you catch a glimpse of "chatty lady" exiting the drive through lane with a drink in hand and to-go bag on the center console of her vehicle. DANGIT!

Feelings of jealousy, annoyance, and hanger-fueled rage begin to well up from within you. You think to yourself, "people are so impatient," as you continue standing in the line now moving at the speed of molasses and despair. You believe you desired food just as badly as she did, but she chose to get out of line and STILL ended up getting her food before you.

What was so important to her that prompted her to hustle her way into victory, while you stood by, hangry and foodless, now watching her flutter along her merry way locked and stocked?

Simply put...there was something she'd rather be doing and doing the same old thing she had previously done clearly wasn't working in her favor. That "same 'ol thing" was exactly what you chose, which is also not working for you and now your miffed about it.

You decide right then and there you want to become the kind of person who chooses to get out of indoor line and into the drive thru lane, so you can get that delicious food you desire and have more time to do what you'd rather be doing during your lunchtime.

Now, you begin thinking to yourself, "how do I become that type of person?"

And, scene!

Wow, how would it feel to be that person in the scenario above who was left hangry and foodless because of choosing to do the "same 'ol thing?"

We have so many options in life that we can choose to help get us heading in the direction of doing more of what makes us happiest. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming when trying to figure out how to start doing things differently.

Don't worry, I've been through this scenario and have done the initial thinking for you.

Check out my newly developed virtual brainstorming session titled, Paid Beyond the Podium.

Now, you don't have to be a professional speaker to experience this, so don't rule out the opportunity to learn something new or unfamiliar. You never know what may come of it.

Maybe you're interested in speaking, or speaking is part of what you do regularly in your community and you'd like to turn it into an additional form of income. Or, maybe you just need good 17-minute brainstorming session to get some fresh ideas flowing in your own business. This can help you with that, too.

Either way, you're sure to gain some insights and strategies on how you can become that person you desire who has more time to...do what they'd rather be doing!

Check it out!

Always rooting for you,


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