Wait...it's 2021 already?

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Perhaps I'm a bit behind the power curve, but...HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Hey, better late than never, right!?)

We went through quite a bit in 2020 and here we are still standing. Well, you may be sitting, walking, or hopefully not, reading and driving, but the point is to recognize that there are now 365...well, 361...days ahead of us to get EVEN MORE EQUIPPED AND EMPOWERED to tear down any and all walls, barriers, barricades, or other limiting beliefs that could potentially hold us back or slow us down from experiencing or achieving what we need and want in 2021.

What was it for you? What were the things that were in your way last year (2020)? I'm going to list several things that you may relate to:

Fear of the unknown

Loss of familiarity

Loss of security

Financial instability

Loss or change of career

Change in lifestyle

Change in family dynamics

Loss or change in relationships

Physical, emotional or spiritual struggles (or all!)

Loss of life







...what else would you add?

This is a tough list to reflect on, but if you're reading this today and have a personal story that relates to even ONE of these things listed above, I want to share with you that I can empathize with most of these areas! I want you to know that you are not alone and you have a friend in me that can relate on both a personal and professional level.

Here are a few things I endured over the past year:

Military retirement, change in career and financial standing, change of life pace and environment, major financial investment (leap of faith,) sudden and tragic loss of a close friend and fellow Air Force veteran, COVID-19 ('nuff said,) family health concerns, personal physical changes (ugh, the struggle!), welcoming new family members, new friends and professional connections, new skills to enhance professional career, renewed faith and sense of self (awareness and confidence)...and that's all I can really recall because 2020 is such a blur!

While I experienced all of those things in 2020, I know that I do not have to let the negatives weigh me down as I forge on in the New Year with optimism and a fantastic support system.

I think it's safe to assert that most people would agree being "human" doesn't translate into "perfect, problem-free life." However, some may need to hear this:

"Being a "professional" doesn't translate to "perfect, problem-free life," either!" - Lindy

It does mean that you are committed to another human, or perhaps, a client, customer, task, project, team, organization, or even a cause that you give your all to so that others may thrive. Unfortunately, there are days and weeks (and years?) when "giving our all" registers in at about 49% or less...I feel ya! I've been there, too!

But, here's a perspective I'd like to share, maybe it will be of significance, maybe you'll head out for a snack, but here goes...

“The optimist sees the donut, the pessimist sees the hole.” ― Oscar Wilde

Either way...it's overall still a DELICIOUS DONUT, right!? That donut is LIFE!

At times our lives may feel whole, or they may contain one or more "holes" and also feel like they're slathered in all kinds of sloppy, crumbly, sprinkle-y things weighing us down!

There's goodness on the horizon, we just have to be intentional about developing the eyes to see it, the ears to hear it, and the emotional intelligence to feel it to live our life in the absolute best way we can, wherever we are, with whatever we have.

How do you get started on this type of journey?

Sometimes all it takes is connecting with someone who has been through it and can empathize while coaching and encouraging you to work towards your goals.

I'm here for you, ready to journey alongside you.

And, you can choose how you wish to connect with me...

Find out how NOW!

Always rooting for you,


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