Lindy Lamielle is a Speaker, Writer and Certified Behavioral Life Coach who helps people achieve greater awareness and understanding of human behavior, so they are equipped and empowered to build and maintain positive relationships throughout their personal and professional lives.

Lindy was best known amongst friends and family as adventurous, a dreamer, the one who was most likely to step out of her comfort zone and dive into the unknown. Seriously, whose parents put their kid on a plane to check out Hollywood at the age of 17, all in the name of a ‘senior year project?’ Lindy’s!


Although it was not Hollywood that captured her full attention in the end, it came as no surprise to anyone the day she left small town Ohio to serve in the United States Air Force. Her days of lying in the tall grass on a hillside, daydreaming under blue summer skies had come to pass; her journey had begun.

Throughout her 20 years of serving in the United States Air Force, Lindy learned what truly drives people towards achieving individual, team, and organizational success—and it’s not about being in charge or holding senior titles and positions. It’s getting to know yourself and others well so you can effectively communicate, connect, and collaborate with people from any position, regardless of personality differences. Fittingly, she compiled her experiences into her Waypoints | A GPS For Life, designed as a foundational launch pad and roadmap for personal growth and professional development.

Through her speaking and writing, Lindy shares meaningful insights on how increasing self-awareness, improving communication skills and building professional relationships changed the trajectory of her military career and reframed how she navigates through life, even today. As a Life Coach, she offers others the opportunity to navigate from dreaming to doing, by embarking on their own journey with tools and strategies to keep them headed in the direction of success, whether in life or in business.

Lindy has written online articles and contributions featured in Forbes, Realizing Leadership, and DISCInsights by PeopleKeys. In addition to her speaking, writing and coaching experience, Lindy is a rockstar of collaboration and networking so you may often find her participating in a variety of events and engaging others in fun and meaningful discussions.

Lindy holds a MA in Executive Leadership from the Liberty University and possesses many other talents such as wife, soccer mom, drinking coffee and weathering all the seasons that life in North Carolina has to offer.